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Jaes Breigh

The Modern Classic 10 Pack

The Modern Classic 10 Pack

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10 Pack - Quantity of 10 pairs. Perfect for group trips, teams, reunions, events, or bundled gift baskets. 

For those who meet exemplary standards, there is a new exemplary frame.  The Modern Classic brings a touch of today to a classic pair of polarized sunglasses. Perfect for business, sports, or casual days out, Breigh's Modern classic can go with you anywhere, to any event on every occasion. 

***Pre orders*** 

These Modern classics come with an official Jaes Breigh signature lasered onto the left lens. The Left frame has the Exemplary logo on the side, so that you will stand out from all others; and lastly, the inside of the right frame has a stealth printed TRUUL badge so that you can always rep your own business, or that of a friend or family member. 

Once the new shipment passes inspection, new photos will be uploaded and pre orders will be shipped within 5 business days. Sign up for email alerts for exact dates.
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